Yoga and coffee body scrubs

I’m writing this article to tell you about a great way to keep your skin looking young, refreshed, rejuvenated and about 10 years younger. Now before you start rolling your eyes and thinking that we are all about self promotion and trying to see more of our product just bear with us here and read about what will make your skin literally jump off your body you will be feeling that fabulous.

Ok, I’m talking about a yoga style called Bikram Yoga where you spend 90 minutes in a hot room practising 26 postures. Believe me when I tell you that this is seriously hard work and all you end up doing is sweating a lot, burning heaps of calories and feeling absolutely sensational.

Now the point of this article other than to promote the benefits of this type of yoga is to tell you what you can do post a Bikram session and that’s when your finished with the class and are still covered in sweat, hit the showers with your coffee body scrub in hand. The trick here is to do this while your core temperature is still hot and your still sweating.

What you need to do is apply a handful of our scrub all over your skin for about 5 minutes and let it settle. This will have to be done in the yoga studio so my suggestion is to be the last out of the room, wait till everyone else has had their shower and then go for it.

The results are out of this world and you are going to be left with a glowing feeling that is simply indescribable. Not only has the yoga detoxified all those nasty toxins out of your body, but you are going for the double whammy here by treating your skin as well while you are still in the post glow of an intensive Bikram session. There is only one thing that is probably better than this feeling but I cannot talk about it here.

If your not into hot yoga then all I can say is try this process after any yoga work out and see the effect. They might not be as dramatic as the hot yoga effects but you will still notice the difference.

Try this for a couple of weeks and do your skin and over all well being the biggest favour you have ever done. So while your holding those difficult yoga postures and going through all that pain and suffering just keep in the back of your mind what you have to look forward to.

March 20, 2017
Body Scub
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