Why you should use body scrubs all year round

With winter approaching and summer fast leaving us behind there might be the temptation to cover your body completely and start thinking that just because you are rugged up in clothing that you can ignore your skin. Well, the team at Sweethearts is here to tell you that you are completely wrong. You must and we will repeat this, you must be paying attention to your skin all year round, especially in winter when the air gets very dry and your skin can start to take on that dried look.

Conversely, if your heading into a warmer climate and have just finished a spell of cold winter temperatures then you need to start looking at ways to protect your skin and keep your skin looking younger, youthful and vibrant, especially if you are exposed to the harsh elements of the sun.

It is vital to look after our skin all year round but the emphasis is on you when the outdoor elements are particularly harsh. We are not sating that you have to be working or relaxing in extreme conditions but even in moderate climates like Australia if you are working outdoors, this can take a heavy toll on your skin and the way it looks.

One of the best ways to preserve your skin and make sure it retains it’s elasticity and youthful energy is through a daily cleansing using one of our coffee body scrubs. Yes we are promoting our own product because we know the benefits of this product and all the many advantages it can bring to your body and skin.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you have been neglecting y0our skin and would like to take action to repair the damage caused to it by the outdoor elements then it’s time you took immediate action and started exfoliating with our coffee body scrubs. You only need to do it once every couple of days and you will notice the benefits very quickly. There are other skin care products on the market but not many can come close to healing your skin better than our coffee body scrubs.

So make sure you look after your skin all year round, after all it’s the only one you get!!

March 20, 2017
Health and wellbeing
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