Why our Australian manuka honey coffee body scrub is the best treatment for acne

In recent times, manuka honey has become one of the fastest growing acne treatments with an unlimited amount of success stories online. While the honey on its own can help treat acne and other skin conditions like eczema, but when combined with our formulated coffee scrub it has astounding results. The Australian manuka honey coffee body scrub is a must try from Sweetheart Body.

As with any other type of honey, manuka honey contains antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is however known that manuka honey has more powerful properties than other honey while being scientifically proven to inhibit more than 80 bacterial species. This is because it contains hydrogen peroxide, which is responsible for the natural antibacterial properties but it also contains methylglyoxal, that isn’t present in other types of honey.

With manuka honey’s added kick to help prevent acne is mixed with our other ingredients the results are flawless. Australian manuka honey coffee body scrub has the ability to reduce stretch marks and cellulite, while the addition of brown sugar and sea salt will help to remove dead skin, blackheads and acne.

For more information on how the manuka honey coffee body scrub works you can always browse through our website freely. So please be sure to order some Australian manuka honey coffee body scrub from our online store.


March 18, 2016
Health and wellbeing
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