Why our Australian grapeseed coffee body scrub works so well on stretch marks

Just had a baby? Need to get rid of those stubborn stretch marks? Sweetheart Body’s Natural coffee body scrub is specially formulated to help the skin return to its natural form and hide those pesky stretch marks. Regardless of your skin tone with darker or pinker stretch marks, the caffeine and sugar work together with the added ingredient of coconut oil, grapeseed oil or manuka honey.

When looking at our products for stretch marks, we highly recommend purchasing and trying the grapeseed oil scrub, as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for skin problems such as stretch marks. This mixed with the added caffeine, which has a blood circulating effect that slims and tones the skin colour and the sugars’ glycolic acid which also smooth’s and tones the skin reducing stretch marks. This formulated engine works so well and is one of Australia’s best natural coffee body scrubs for stretch marks.

With constant use of our product, you will start to see a reduction in your stretch marks as they start to fade and adhere to effects of our all-natural coffee body scrub. Unfortunately there is no real way to avoid stretch marks throughout your life so it’s always good to be prepared and have Sweetheart Body scrub at the ready.


March 8, 2016
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