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Sweetheart Body – coffee scrub that rejuvenate & repair your skin.

Sweetheart Body focus on using the finest natural ingredients that are locally grown to create every SweetHeart Body coffee scrub. We aim to be a lifestyle product that cares for you and your body.

Just one try and you can tell our difference with other coffee body scrub in the market. Our coffee body scrub does not only feel good on your skin, but it also has a gorgeous naturally occuring fragrance that will please you.

Our manuka honey coffee body scrub is highly recommended for combination skin and is effective in treating acne and eczema. Are you looking for something that moisturises, fights aging, tighten your skin and treats acne? Our grapeseed body scrub will do the job. Meanwhile, the anti-bacterial property in our coconut coffee body scrub is also great in keeping skin healthy and rejuvenated both internally and externally.

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