The Sweetheart Story

Sweetheart Body was the vision of husband and wife team Maggie and Peter. When Maggie fell pregnant with their first child, her skin changed with the changing hormones. As with any pregnancy she experienced stretch marks and cellulite.

In trying different products, Maggie became much more aware of what she was using on her skin. Maggie also became aware of how few natural products were actually available. A lot of brands that claim to be natural aren’t really when you look at the ingredients. This inspired the idea of trying to create something that truly was a natural alternative, but that still addressing the most common skin complaints. Maggie became passionate about creating her own body scrub to treat her skin. The dream to make and sell their own product was formed. The name “Sweetheart Body” came from the idea of a wife no longer feeling like she was at her best with pregnancy and wanting to be her husband’s “sweetheart” again. It is also important to care and love yourself and be your own sweetheart.

With the idea established the next hurdle was what to make the scrub from? Maggie and Peter looked at a few options of ingredients that would act as an exfoliant. Working with a chemist they discovered that only two ingredients actually reduce the effect of stretch marks – coffee and green tea. After some research, it was decided green tea was too fine to produce an effective scrub. So coffee it was! The ground coffee acts as enough of a polish to slough away dead skin cells and really invigorate skin, but at the same time it’s gentle enough to not agitate skin. Also, caffeine can help to stimulate your blood circulation as well as effectively help to reduce stretch marks and cellulite.

The next step was to determine the formula. After finding a local organic coffee supplier, testing on the scrub began. Initial formulations were at first too oily and greasy, then too dry. The biggest issue was getting the right coarseness of grains. There are 8 different sizes of grains to choose from. In the same way as Goldilocks, the grains has to be just right! Another issue was encountered again with the coffee aroma. The longer a grain is roasted the stronger the smell. A roasting time of 8 minutes was decided upon. In making the scrub, the water has to be boiled first, then the coffee added, and then left to air dry for a day.

Maggie and Peter deliberately wanted to source only from local, reputable suppliers to ensure the quality of the offering. All of the scrubs are 100% natural, and use 80% organic ingredients. They are also 100% vegan. It is these three elements that sets the scrubs apart from others on the market.

Strict quality control procedures were implemented, as well as testing for microbials, heavy metals, and pesticides.

The scrub was launched with 3 varieties – coconut, manuka honey, and grape seed. Each one has different properties that specifically treat certain skin issues. Manuka Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to skin, coconut is rich in proteins that keep skin healthy and rejuvenated while grapeseed is very light oil that can be easily absorbed into skin and is ideal for sensitive skins.

With the scrubs launched and underway, dreams and plans for new products are in the pipeline…!

October 31, 2016
Body Scub
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