Sun, Surf and keeping your skin healthy

As Australian’s we all have a fond love for the outdoors. We love out daily trips to the beach during the summer holidays and we all enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle where.

This however may seem idyllic but there is a hidden damaging factor to all this sun exposure and it is the damage it is causing your skin. Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Hours spent outdoors swimming in the ocean or relaxing by the swimming pool in the back yard has some serious side effects to your skin. Let’s put aside all the issues associated with skin cancers and let’s take a look at what the sun is doing to the surface and appearance of your skin.

It’s basically drying up your skin and causing it to wrinkle and look a lot older than you actually are. Sun damage and premature ageing of the skin is a common side affect of the love of the great outdoors and you can see this among many Australian adults who have taken a care free attitude towards being out doors. Essentially, their skin looks wrinkled, pruned and leathery. Yes, they are tanned but the damage is done and your skin is going to pay a huge price for this.

If you are one of these people and you cannot seem to give up your time in the sun, then one thing you can do at the end of the day to help rejuvenate your skin is to apply a coffee body scrub. The advantages of doing this are huge and if you consistently apply this to your skin the effects of sun damage will be reduced.

Sun damage is the last by product you want as a result of your love of the ocean and taking care of your skin at night by using our body scrub will have a significant impact on the way your skin looks and feels. After all, you are outdoors because you are a healthy, vibrant and active person.

Paying a price for this is not entirely fair. Yes you can use sun block but your skin still needs the extra attention and love at the end of the day. Even if you are not exposed to the sun for long periods, during the Aussie summer you skin only needs 5 minutes outdoors before the suns harmful UV rays begin to take cause damage. Be very aware of these facts and note that there is something you can do about this to alleviate the side effects.

If you have never heard of this method of using a coffee body scrub then following are some advantages of using this once a day after a fun filled day in the sun.

– it is 100% organic so you are not using any chemicals on your skin like so many other after sun care products.

– it has anti-inflammatory properties

– it reduces cellulite

– improves circulation

– removes dead skin cells

These are just a few of the benefits of a coffee body scrub but many people who are reading this may be quite skeptical. All we can say is try it out and you will see the magical properties this has for your skin.

July 10, 2017
benefits coffee body scrub
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