Start Your Day the Right Way

We all know that getting up and going to work is part of the daily grind. We all do it and all have to put up with t he same routine and same mundane daily chores. But following are some great ideas to change it up a bit in the morning and add a little zing into your daily routine.

# 1 Start by a bit of stretching in the morning. Your body is going to love you for this. Buy a yoga mat and start with some basic downward dogs and a few easy leg and upper body stretches. Do it for 10 minutes every day as soon as you wake up and see the difference.

# 2 Make your self a fresh smoothie. Some of us like to skip breakfast and have it on the way to work, but this is a bad idea. Keep the routine up of a fresh berry smoothie right after your yoga session and see how much better you feel when you arrive at your job. Never ever skip this step!

# 3 If you feel as though you need a coffee then go for it. It’s not bad for you to have your daily fix of caffeine and it’s so much cheaper if you have it at home rather than buying it on the way to work.

# 4 Look at yourself in the mirror right before you have a shower and say something positive about the day ahead. While your at it, give yourself a pat on  the back and tell yourself that you love the person you are and are looking forward to the day ahead. Be positive and upbeat about your life and the future. This can have a remarkable effect on your state of mind and outlook on the world.

# 5 Do not put the TV on and watch the news. Instead put your favourite music on  and enjoy the sounds rather than the negativity of the news before you step out the door.

# 6 Do at least 1 great thing for your email account and that’s unsubscribe from at least 1 email that you no longer need. Crammed email boxes are junk and it’s the best thing you can do foe yourself by getting rid of unwanted clutter.

Lastly, start the day with a coffee body scrub. Yes, do it and see how fabulous you are going to feel for the whole day. Your skin will feel at least 10 years younger and it’s the perfect ending to what is a great start to your day. Keep this up and you will notice a difference in your mood and your whole outlook. Being healthy and sticking to this routine will keep your motivated and eager to tackle the day ahead!

May 15, 2017
Health and wellbeing
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