Smoking and it’s effect on your skin

For those people that are still smoking and are over the age of 30 your really need to read this article as you are doing ( as you probably already know) some serious and very harmful damage to your skin. Among all the other detrimental affects that smoking has on your body it really does some extensive damage to your skin.

All you have to do is take a close look at people say over the age of 35 and look at the state of their skin; it’s craggy, wrinkled and older looking than it should be. Smoking also has the effect of killing the skins elasticity which is what gives children and teenagers that young feel. Elasticity is what keeps our skin firm and soft and smoking goes right to the target of destroying this very quickly. You also need to look at the hands and finger nails of smokers. They are always covered in tar and nicotine stains which looks absolutely ghastly.

You might have thought that smoking was cool and fashionable when your were a lot younger and rightly so, your probably did it to fit in with a group or it was a cultural thing. But as the years progress and you get older your skin is started to pay a heave price for this.Not only are you killing your lungs but your are doing some ireepairable damage to your skin that you will probably never be able to reverse.

Now I know that those people who smoke and are reading this article are probably rolling their eyes and saying that they have heard this all before and they are trying to quit or will quit next year. But the truth of the matter is that every time you light a cigarette and inhale the smoke you are one step close to older looking skin.

If you refuse to stop smoking there is at least some measures you can take to prevent your skin looking older and that’s using a coffee body scrub once a day to exfoliate your skin and get rid of those unsightly and horrible looking yellow tobacco stains. Start doing this today and this will be the first step in a very long process of quitting this bad and killer habit. You can buy the coffee or coconut body scrub here online and start doing something good for your body. It is a lot cheaper than a packet of smokes and you will start to see the benefits immediately.

April 7, 2017
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