Scrub away your stretch marks with coffee body scrub

No one likes stretch marks. They are unsightly and can damage a persons self esteem, especially with summer coming along and you want to hit the beach and show off your body. Stretch marks are the result of the body loosing or gaining weight very quickly and they are fine lines that appear on the skin when this happens. They are very common especially with women who go on crash diets or eating binges where rapid weight loss/gain has taken place. These marks are common among adolescents, teenagers hitting puberty, family history, Caucasian women with very pale skin and before/after pregnancy (delivering large babies). Sometimes you just can’t escape them.

They generally occur around the stomach, breasts and upper arms where your skin unfortunately is most exposed to the public. This can really damage once self confidence, esteem and social life and you may end up missing out on fun times with friends because all you want to do is hide these stretch marks with clothing.

The good news is that there is a solution to your stretch mark dilemma and it’s called Coffee Body Scrub. Ground Coffee beans have been proven to reduce the appearance of these stretch marks and this is fantastic news for those of you looking for a remedy. Now I know your probably thinking that this is just another fad but it actually does deliver the goods and overtime eliminates those aweful marks.

The process is very simple indeed. All you need to do is buy a packet of our coffee body scrub ( we have 3 ranges): Grapeseed, Manuka Honey, and Coconut) and apply a generous amount on the stretch mark area and scrub away in the shower. Nothing could be easier of more simple. Obviously this is not a once off process but you do need to apply this a few times per week for a couple of months to see how effective and wonderful this treatment is.

I really want to reiterate here that this is not some quick craze that’s being marketed hard. This is in fact a cure that skin specialist use and recommend as treatment for those people suffering from stretch marks. Again you have to be patient with this and do not expect miracles by the end of the first application, it will take time but by the end of the first month you should notice a considerable reduction in the size and appearance of the marks.

The ingredients in the Sweetheart range of Coffee Body Scrubs are all 100% organic and contain pure Arabica Seed Powder, Sea Salt and a range of other oils that are designed to not only leave your skin feeling refreshed, feeling younger and rejuvenated but you can also kiss goodbye to those stretchmarks that have been bothering you for years.

All we can say is give it a try buy some amazing Sweetheart coffee body scrub and you will notice the effect. Our range of Coffee Body Scrubs will target those areas on your skin causing this issue and put and end to embarrassing stretch marks for ever.

November 18, 2016
stretch marks
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