Long Haul Flights & How to Treat Jet Lag

We have all been there and done that with these terrible long haul flights. The planes are crowded, the air inside is stale and air conditioned that is doing enormous amounts of damage to your skin. Haven’t you ever gotten off an plane and thought to yourself how terrible you feel. Never mind the lack of sleep or time differences as your cross time zones. It;s your general well being and all you can think about is getting home and having that first shower.

I can bet anything that all your travellers out there reading this will agree with me that a good long hot shower is exactly what you need to at least set the reset button and look and feel a little bit more human. Well, there is one extra thing that you can do to give your body that extra zing after a long haul flight and that is to give yourself a full coffee body scrub. Now before you jump up and down and think that we are just self promoting here, let me be very clear by stating that we do this all the time and we know how aweful you can feel after a long flight.

This is why we have tried out the coffee body scrub even after short haul flights in the hotel room and let me tell you something folks, it really does do miracles for your skins tone, elasticity and over all glow. So many people traveling for business or even pleasure tend to neglect themselves and say that they will look after their body and skin when they get home. Even worse, they totally ignore the state of their skin to their detriment. They are all walking around looking like ghosts. Luckily our body scrubs are easy to pack and come in convenient flat sizes so you can take them anywhere in the world to keep your skin looking young, fresh and youthful. The great part about this as well is that you can easily take this through any customs or immigration when you are traveling any where in the world.

So what I would suggest is that when your on your next big long haul flight, or even a shorter 4 to 5 hour flight, do something positive for your body and use our scrub. It will really help your beat those jet lag blues and keep you on your toes for that next business meeting you may have. It is a miracle that people

May 14, 2017
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