How do Hormones affect your skin?

For women and girls of all ages when you mention the word hormones it generally equates to bad moods as well as mood swings. For all women your hormone balance is vital and really important to keeping sane in this fast paced world. The effect everything including your emotions, skin, outlook on life and state of mind. For most women they let it pass and hope that hormonal swings will pass but they can affect so many parts of your body; physical and mental and this is why as a women you have to be aware of what’s happening in your body and how to treat the root cause of severe hormonal imbalance.

At Sweet Hearts Body we see many women take prescribed medication to balance their hormones but you do not want to stay on medication forever. Ideally, you want to sort out the issues and fix what ever is happening with your body.

How do hormones and hormone imbalance affect your skin?

According to scientists in Australia: ‘When our bodies are hormonally out of balance or out of sync energy levels fluctuate severely, causing your skin to change in it’s colour and complexion. As soon as you start to feel your body change as the hormone levels go up and down you are going to see an immediate change in the tone of your skin. For some women it can be more severe than others, but in general your will definitely notice a change in the way you look and this in turn can perpetuate the mood swings and change in your outlook on life. In more severe cases this can lead to other issues like depression.

A great way to combat this is to start a skin treatment process by using a coffee body scrub at least once eve3ry couple of days. Obviously you will need to treat the cause of the hormone issue but at least your doing something positive for your skin. You can quickly and very easily do something about this by purchasing your body scrub here online. Make sure you also speak to your doctor about your diet and look at other ways at improving your overall health. A combination of healthy, fresh food and exercise is a good beginning.

December 5, 2017
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