Coffee Body Scrub, make it your 2018 New Years Resolution

If there is one thing so many people forget or ignore about their body; it’s their skin. The skin is your bodies largest organ and most people simply do not give it the attention, love and care it deserves to keep it looking it’s best. One thing most people notice about you is the tome, texture and look of your skin and if you have been ignoring it for years then the signs of ageing will become more apparent. This is why you must take extra care with your skin on a daily basis especially as we head into Australia’s holiday period where there is lots of sun time, loads of partying, excess drinking, eating and perhaps your not getting the 8 hours sleeps you need.

So, what can you protect and repair any skin damage in 2018. The answer is so simple and easy and it’s all the rage in Europe and America and it’s now landed in Australia. It’s called a coffee body scrub and it works absolute magic on your skin. A daily ( and if your too busy to do this – perhaps try twice a week) scrub on your body will leave your skin looking so much healthier and younger.

Now if you have never heard of a coffee body scrub and your unsure of what to do or the health benefits the following points will put you more in the picture.

The way to apply the scrub is in the shower. all you need to do is liberally apply it on your skin and rub your whole body. The exfoliating effect is fantastic and you will feel your whole body tingling with delight in minutes.

The benefits of the body scrub are huge and the following 3 should have your rushing to buy this for your Christmas present.

# 1: Coffee is an anti oxidant and when applied to your skin your will be doing it a huge favour. It’s totally organic so theres no nasty chemicals or additives used. This means you are giving your body a healthy scrub with products direct from nature.

# 2: You are helping the blood flow into areas that would not normally receive this through your scrubbing. This promotes blood flow and overall health to your body.

# 3: lastly and I think the ladies should really take note about this point because using a coffee body scrub will eliminate wrinkles, stretch marks and dark circles around your eyes. Yes it’s proven to work and the results are really quick. This is also great to use post pregnancy when lines and stretch marks are at their worse.

So for 2018 don’t ignore your skin. Do yourself and your body a huge favour and start using our coffee body scrubs.

December 4, 2017
benefits coffee body scrub
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