Benefits of Sweetheart Body’s Australian made coffee body scrubs

What exfoliators do you use? Stop putting those chemical on your body!

Made from 100% natural ingredient, with 80% being organic, Sweetheart Body coffee body scrubs are for everyone and anyone! Do you know that we are vegan as well? Read on to find out the benefits of our natural coffee body scrubs.

Like all scrubs, our coffee body scrubs are exfoliators. But what makes us different is that we are 100% natural. The ingredients in our scrubs are great bacteria fighters that keeps your skin smooth and healthy.

Caffeine in our scrubs helps to tighten your skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and swelling as well as inflammation. Loaded with antioxidants, it has anti ageing properties to fight wrinkles.

Sweetheart Body offers 3 different flavours of natural coffee body scrubs. Every flavour has their unique benefits for different skin types. Find out more on our benefits page here.

If you have skin issues, like sensitive skin, eczema, dry and acne prone skin, try our natural Australian made coffee body scrub! Use it diligently and you should get a clear, firm and healthy skin.

We are Sweetheart Body – coffee body skin that cares for your skin. Shop for our 100% Australian made natural here.


March 29, 2016
Body Scub
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