Benefits of Coffee for your Body

Some people may not know this because of all the bad press and publicity surrounding excessive coffee drinking but in truth there are some serious health benefits associated with coffee and following are some of them.

Coffee is actually really healthy for you – this is a fact!

Studies have shown that coffee drinking is healthy for you and can actually lower the risk of contracting certain diseases.

Coffee can help you burn off fat and is a natural aid in helping you loose all those calories naturally. Forget about all those pills and supplements; coffee is a organic fat burning supplement.

A huge advantage of coffee is that it may (studies have shown this) help reduce your risk of contracting Type II Diabetes. Diabetes is a massive health problem and is affecting a growing number of adults in the western world due to rates of sugar intake through processed food consumption. Studies in the US and UK have shown that people who drink coffee have a 25-50% lower risk of contracting diabetes. This is a fantastic result for those of us that love a pastry with our coffee.

Another benefit of coffee is that is can protect you from contracting Alzheimer’s & Dementia. These diseases usually afflict people over 65 but there are things that you can do to help prevent and offset this. Obviously, there is healthy eating and exercise but drinking coffee has shown remarkable results in help preventing these aweful diseases.

Parkinson’s disease is a huge problem worldwide and is a common neurodegenerative disease. Like Alzheimer’s there is no cure for this, but the humble coffee bean has shown to reduce to onset of Parkinson’s by 32-60%. This is the power of this little magic bean and this is why it’s OK to have your morning cuppa!

If you’re a big drinker and have noticed that your liver is hurting you may be starting to see signs of cirrhosis of the liver. This is very common and if left unchecked can do a lot of damage to your body. Inflammation of the liver is a horrible disease and it is shown that people who drink up to 4 cups of coffee per day can reduce the effects of cirrhosis by up to 80% – isn’t this s fantastic results.

Best of all drinking coffee for breakfast and during the day can fight off depression and make you happier. A Harvard study in the US has shown that women who drank up to 3 or more cups per day were 25% less likely to suffer from any type of depression.

Now I know we are a website that is aimed at Coffee Body Scrubs but the benefits listed above show you just how wonderful coffee is for your body and when applied to your skin, these benefits have a flow on effect. Try it out and you will see what we mean.

January 11, 2017
Health and wellbeing
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