Australian made natural coffee body scrub on skincare tips for the hotter seasons

Our skin care routine should change a little when the seasons change. During winter, some of us get really dry and flakey skin, while during summer, it could be so oily! Here are some skin care tips for the hotter seasons, read on to find out more!

During hotter seasons like summer, you should increase the frequency of exfoliating than during the colder seasons. Cleanse your skin by using hotter water as it helps the top layer of dead skin to exfoliate easier and preps your skin for absorptions.

Hydrating is necessary all year round, but people with oily, combination and normal skin skin type, you need to be careful about this during summer. You need to ensure that you are hydrating without adding additional oil.

Made with love in Sydney, Sweetheart Body has three flavours of natural coffee body scrubs for you to choose from. During warmer seasons, try our grapeseed coffee body scrub! It doesn’t clog pores and locks in moisture. Our coconut flavour is known for gently washing away all dirt and impurities, but not every last bit of your natural oils. Lastly, Manuka honey is great for retaining moisture and hydrating further to enhance the skin’s elasticity and cell regeneration.

If you have skin issues, like sensitive skin, eczema, dry and acne prone skin, try our natural Australian made coffee body scrub! Use it diligently and you should get a clear, firm and healthy skin.

We are Sweetheart Body – coffee body skin that cares for your skin.


March 1, 2016
Body Scub
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