6 tips to cure a hangover

If you have been partying too hard and are suffering so bad that your head is screaming following are our tips to cure the dreaded hangover.

# 1. Sleep and more sleep. I know this may be hard to do but try to sleep it off a bit. Even an extra hour of shut eye will do wonders for that throbbing head.

#2. Guzzle tons of water. Make sure you stay really hydrated and drink as much H2O as possible. Alcohol is a killer for the body as it drains it of vital fluids. You must replemish these to kick the hangover.

# 3. I know this is really bad but if having a hang over is a rarity then you can indulge in some fried and fatty food. If you feel like it grab some Maccas and go for it. This might not help too much but boy o boy are you going to feel a lot better. Most hang over’s clear by 2 pm so you just have to stick it out till then.

# 4. Exercise. Hit the gym, go for a surf or a run but stay active. Sweat out the booze and replace it with lots of water. The idea of exercise may seem like hell to some people with a nasty hang over but it does help fight the pain. At least you are starting to do something good for your body.

# 5. Take your dog for a walk. The out door air will do wonders for your overall being. If you don’t have a dog head out to the park any way for some space, air and light. Sure sleep in a bit but you don’t want to waste the whole weekend in bed feeling sorry for yourself. Remember Monday comes around real quick and you want to have had a bit of a weekend.

# 6. We have saved the best till last and here it is. Have a really hot bath and use a coffee body scrub to treat your skin. After you have completely exfoliated yourself soak in the bath for about 20 minutes. Once this is done make yourself a cup of lemon and honey tea and you will start to feel human again. This is the best thing for a hang over and we can only advice you to give it a go and see the results for yourself. It’s incredible how well it works.

August 7, 2017
Health and wellbeing
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