5 Advantages of using a Coffee Body Scrub

For those of you reading this article who have never thought about using a coffee body scrub on their skin, following are 5 advantages of using a coffee body scrub. I’m positive that after you have read this you will be amazed by how fabulous this product actually is.

# 1: Let me start by saying that most people drink coffee for their morning caffeine hit but did you know that coffee is a natural anti inflammatory and if you it on your skin it can actually help soothe red and inflamed breakouts.

Coffee has been widely studied over the years for its anti-inflammatory uses. Its caffeine content, coupled with really strong antioxidant substances like polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acids, will help reduce symptoms of inflammation.

# 2: Coffee is jam packed with antioxidants which is also found in foods like berries, tea, chocolate, and wine. These antioxidants help give these foods it’s rich colour and it’s these antioxidants that are also found in coffee help to fight free radicals which is fantastic for fighting the ageing process. If you use a coffee body scrub on your skin the elements will seep into your skin and will help protect against ultraviolet radiation and radically reduce the aging of the skin caused by being in the sun or near the ocean. This is perfect for Australian’s who are sun worshippers.

# 3: When you use a coffee body scrub you will immediately notice the fine granular texture. This makes an excellent exfoliator which is great in clearing away dead skin cells. It is also shown to help stimulate lymph drainage and increase blood flow. This is great for leaving your skin feeling young, glowing and so much more healthier. If you want to look years younger very quickly then you really need to try and use out and see for yourself. You will see immediate improvements in your skins texture, feel and overall look.

# 4: If you want to reduce cellulite and we all want this, then try using a coffee body scrub. Why? Because it increases blood flow to your hips, thighs and bum it will reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you think this can’t be true, try it out. It does work and the results are very quick. So, if your suffering from cellulite and have tried other medications and techniques to get rid of it without any success, try the coffee scrub method and see the difference.

# 5: Lastly, if you have just had a baby and are finding that your skin around your belly is sagging a little and there are signs of stretch marks then give your belly a once over every day for a few months with a coffee body scrub. The properties in the scrub will help tone the skin to get you back to your pre pregnancy days. It does not happen over night but if you are diligent in the application of this method and do it daily, you will notice a firming up of your skin.

For those of you that have never tried coffee scrubs, do not ignore the huge potential benefits that this can bring to your body. It’s cheap, easy to apply and best of all it’s totally organic.

June 13, 2017
benefits coffee body scrub
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