Month: October 2016

  • The Sweetheart Story
    October 31, 2016
    Body Scub

    Sweetheart Body was the vision of husband and wife team Maggie and Peter. When Maggie fell pregnant with their first child, her skin changed with the changing hormones. As with any pregnancy she experienced stretch marks and cellulite. In trying different products, Maggie became much more aware of what she was using on her skin. […]

  • Why Coffee is actually good for you
    October 14, 2016
    Health and wellbeing

    The health benefits of drinking coffee There’s nothing like the smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee! If you’re a coffee drinker, then that heady aroma will have you reaching for your cup quicker than you can say “latte”.  Aside from the taste (and it’s ability to give you a welcome kick start in the […]

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